What is a prime lens?

A fixed focal length-it cannot zoom in and out the focal length is fixed.E.g 35mm,50mm,85mm

Now let’s get into the reasons why you should get one.

  • Light weight

They’re not heavy compared to zoom lenses and therefore they’re easier to travel with.

  • Wide aperture

Compared to zoom lenses they’ve wide aperture of f1.4 or 1.8.If you’re going to capture images using 50mm or any prime lens they’re going to give you better results. The wider the aperture is the better bokeh is.

  • Fast focusing

Primes lenses can focus extremely fast than zoom lenses. When you’re shooting in low light conditions prime lenses can focus much quicker as to compared to zoom lenses.

Zoom lenses will struggle a lot when shooting in low light conditions.

  • Low light photography

When you’re shooting in low light conditions you need more light to come in so that you can make the ISO less and shoot a high quality image and since a prime lens has a wide aperture you can shoot with a wider aperture and lower the ISO, so in low light conditions prime lenses are the better choices.

  • Make you a better photographer

When you want to get closer to a subject you basically zoom in and out when you’re using any zoom lens but since you don’t have the ability with prime lenses you move yourself and get closer to the subject and that’s will make you a better photographer because you’re putting more effort in composing the image you’ll end up with good composition and better results

I hope this article helped you and now you know why you should get a prime lens.

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